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MSP430 BSL Programmer


The FCD-PRG01 is a USB bootstrap loader (BSL) programmer for the Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontroller. For designs where low cost or small form factor prohibit the integration of custom programming logic or a large JTAG header, the FCD-PRG01 enables in-system programming by including a single 6 pin header in the target device design.

Designed to work with the cross platform MSPGCC toolchain, the FCD-PRG01 provides an open source, cross platform alternative to platform dependent development tools for the MSP430 microcontroller.

The FCD-PRG01 integrates a USB-to-serial converter and on board regulated power supply into a small USB dongle, allowing programming and test capability over a single interface. It exposes a standard 6 pin, 0.1" header which can be used to interface to the target board via a device specific cable harness. This modular approach provides designers with the flexibility to select the optimal physical programming interface for the unique design constraints of each target platform.

Datasheet: fcd-prg01-f.pdf

Open-source EAGLE Design Files:




A programming cable harness which mates with standard 3x2, 2mm PCB headers. See FCD-CBL01 Programming Cable schematic for pinout. The Flying Camp Design EAGLE repository contains CAD symbols for the mating headers recommended in the FCD-PRG01 datasheet.


MSP430 BSL Utility

Open Source GUI utility for for communication with 1/2/4xx BSLs via a serial port. Designed to work with our MSP430 BSL Programmer USB dongle.

The MSP430 BSL Utility is not currently under active development. A Windows build is available below for customers wishing to evaluate the MSP430 BSL Programmer. Although this utility has been tested, it should not be used in a production environment.

Windows Installer: msp430_bsl_utility_setup_0.9.1.exe

Open-source software:





BSLDEMO2.exe is a is a command line demo utility for communication with 1/2/4xx BSLs distributed in The download below has been patched and recompiled to work with the FCD-PRG01 + FCD-CBL01 hardware.

Windows EXE:

Open-source software: